The story of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection is at the centre of all we do and we believe our own stories are transformed in the light of this. We are becoming a family, united in faith; Holy Spirit empowered, to proclaim the reality of Jesus in today’s world. 
Our Values



Connecting with God, connecting with each other, connecting others with God



Discovering who God is and who He has called us to be in Christ



Expressing all that God has called us to be


Core Beliefs


We believe that…


  1. Jesus Christ, as revealed in Scripture through the Holy Spirit, is Lord. He is the Head of the Church, and Lord and Saviour of our lives.                          1 Colossians : 15-19
  2. All Scripture is inspired by God and revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.    2 Timothy 3: 16
  3. Prayer connects us with God, aligns us with the power of the Holy Spirit, and transforms us in Jesus’ image. Matthew 6: 9-13
  4. Our relationship with God, believers and non-believers alike should be grounded in love and integrity. Matthew 7:12
  5. We are family; we have been called from diverse backgrounds to commit to becoming a new community under Christ. In this family we are able to have both unity and diversity. Galatians 3: 26-28
  6. As God has reached out to us, so we are called to reach out to others, demonstrating the grace and the redeeming nature of Jesus Christ.         John 15: 12-13
  7. Followers of Jesus should be growing in the likeness of Jesus; in character, gifting, wisdom, understanding, and service. The Church has been instituted by God as a means by which to help facilitate this.                        Colossians 3: 12-16, John 13: 13-17
  8. As God has blessed us, so we are called to respond by blessing others with our time, our talents and our resources Acts 2: 44-46, 1John 3: 16-18


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