Mahurangi Presbyterian Church has been around a while, 155 years to be exact. Its original Minister, Rev. Robert McKinney, began his tenure in 1856 and it continued another 49 years. Rev McKinney was a strong presence in the Mahurangi Community – coming from an evangelical background he championed the gospel throughout the area. Alongside this he was also a driving force for education, starting up the library, pioneering schools throughout the area, and was involved in a number of other community activities.


Over the next 70 years the church was overseen by a number of short term Ministers until the 1970’s when Rev Peter Armstrong (1976-1993) and the late Rev Mark Farmer (1996-2009) led the church. While the church has had a history of involvement in revival in its earlier years, it was during Peter’s time that the church experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which has significantly influenced the life of the church.


Our congregation has always had a strong family ethos. Today we are drawn from different cultural backgrounds, different generations, and different walks of life, yet each one of us is being drawn together in and through Jesus Christ.

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