Overseas Missions
The team currently comprises of members who have had ‘hands-on experiences’ or have specific interest in overseas mission, and is currently chaired by David Young.

Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month and are open to anyone who has in interest in mission away from their own familiar surroundings, to a different culture in whatever way to use their gifting as the Lord may require.

The combined team have specific interest in the Lord’s work in the Philippines; Kiribati islands; India; Romania; Israel; Egypt; South Sudan; and on the ‘Africa Mercy’ – the Mercy Ships.

Hence the church is dedicated to support the following:

Prayer DiaryEvery other month a Prayer Diary is issued to the congregation by email and/or printed copy, to encourage prayer for all our overseas missionaries. The purpose is also to ensure that the congregation as a whole are fully informed of the needs etc of those that the church financially supports.
Click here to see the current prayer diary:
Prayer Diary
Past & Future GoalsDuring November & December 2012 a series of ‘knick-knack’ stalls were held during the local market days in our town, in an effort to raise funds for Christmas gifts for our missionary folk. This proved to be a great success, such that significant funds were able to be sent for their encouragement and personal use. This also enabled us to fund Diana’s trip here as a ‘break’ during her school holidays in February 2014, to meet with friends and supporters and to also have some real ‘time-out’ from the demands on her life.

One of the prime goals of the Overseas Mission Team is to either visit one or more of the missionary’s we support at least every two years. If this is not practicable, then we look to arrange for that missionary to come here as a ‘sabbatical’.

In September 2014, Roger & Christine Mackay were able to make a brief call while in India attending special celebrations for another ministry, to meet with Edgar Sathuluri and the staff of NATIVE in Hyderabad.

In 2014 we began making connections with the Kiribati Presbyterian Church from an ‘appeal’ for assistance in ministry among the kindergarten groups within the islands. A small pioneering team led by our pastor Nick McLennan, went to the islands to meet with the church representatives and pre-school groups, in an effort to determine exactly what we (as a church in N.Z.) can provide or physically do to assist in their area of need.

Diana Gherasimuic in Romania
Diana came to N.Z. in 2003 with the ambition to further her study career as an Archaeologist. She attended Mahu Church and joined a ’40 Days of Purpose’ course, which radically changed her life. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour and was baptized in February 2005.
On returning to Romania, she continued her training in teaching, but also got involved with the poor children in Bucharest, and sharing the love of the Lord with them.
This has led to her forming a dedicated team of young people from the church she attends, and running weekend programmes and holiday camps for those deprived children. Sponsorship of the individual children has come from the congregation in recent times.
She has been through severe opposition – particularly when working with Romany children and families, though in recent times the Lord has opened many doors to this work.
Evan & Maala Thomas Evan & Maala Thomas in Israel
A Jew, born in N.Z., now based in Netanya since 1979, Evan pastors a Messianic Church ‘Beit Asaph’ involved with Jewish evangelism.His work is not without opposition and difficulties of course, but of late has established a daughter church in the Sharon Valley.Since 1991, Evan has served in the Reconciliation Ministry, “Musalaha”, being proactive in bringing members of the Israeli Messianic community and the Palestinian Christian community together in and through various initiatives. Evan has also led a number of annual ‘Yad B’Yad’ teams of young people to the Auschwitz/Birkenau former concentration camps – joining with young German team(s).

Work continues in building bridges with the Palestinian community and in Gaza. This has not been without severe opposition and is hindered by the increase in racist rhetoric from within the social media networks. .

Eirenashttps://youtu.be/JJLQv9mJiMY Bruce & Jenny Eirena with Indianna, Tynan & Arlen : In preparation for working with Wycliffe Bible Translators near Ukarumpa in PNG.
Praise that
• God is providing for their daily needs.
• That it was timely—though with sadness – that Bruce’s father passed away just recently, so that the legal proceedings may be sorted and put in place before they leave. Pray that Bruce will be given guidance over these matters.
• That God will continue to open doors to the places He wants us to share in and around NZ.
• That people will hear and respond to the need for more Bible translation work in the world.
• That God will provide the team of prayer & financial supporters required for us to be able to depart for our training & work assignment in PNG in late December— subject to them raising sufficient financial support. (They now see that this has been God’s timing through recent events).
• For more excitement and vision for God and the path ahead – for each one of our family.
• Health, wellbeing and protection in this time of preparation and a healthy transition.
The Eirena family, now at Ukarumpa in PNG.
Melanie & Michel Pelzer
Both are Registered Nurses and currently working in a hospital in Newcastle NSW and will remain here through 2015, after which they hope to rejoin the ‘Mercy Hospital Ship’ which spends much time around the African coastline. They both have extensive experiences with the ship and hope to rejoin it in the foreseeable future. They met on board the ship and were married in January 2012. Melanie (joined the ship in 2009) and has experience and qualification as a surgical nurse and involvement with the plastic surgery team, whereas Michel has been with the Eye Theatres.
Jono & Destinee family Jono & Destinee Macleod
Both are trained doctors with the strong conviction of wanting to serve the Lord in this capacity wherever He leads them.
It was through God’s call that they went to Kenya in April 2012 for an eight month term serving at Tenwick Hospital in the western highlands. This During 2013 they worked part-time at the Mt Isa Hospital in Queensland while studying ‘Public Health and Tropical Medicine’ through the James Cook University in Townsville.
Through a very clear call from the Lord, they are now in civil war torn South Sudan working with ‘in Deed & Truth Ministries’ in a clinic in Tonj.

Melanie & Michel


Prison Work in Egypt (TFONZ)
This ministry has the role of encouraging prayer support from around the world, for those in both the men’s & women’s prisons in Kanata. Predominantly ‘Foreigners’ having been incarcerated for various misdemeanors’, are exposed to the gospel through a small group of imprisoned Christians.Support is channeled through the Maadi Community Church, (south of Cairo), members of which visit regularly taking in essential supplies to relieve suffering in a limited way. Many prisoners are kept well beyond their scheduled years with no funds to pay their fines and no obvious way out. However, the good Lord does some amazing things in making himself known to many.

Having taken over the role of Coordinator from Lloyd Freeth early in 2012; it is now headed by Jeanette Grimmer from within our fellowship. Jeanette has lived for many years In Egypt, teaching at a Seminary there.

Gavin & Michelle Gavin & Michelle McConnell
They run the Piringa Trust Personal Debriefing Service based in Algies Bay. This is primarily for missionaries that have returned or are in need of a little respite care where they can ‘download’ and ‘unwind’ from the stressful times they have been experiencing.
Gavin & Michelle also run ‘Debriefing Training Workshops’ for others involved in this ministry.

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